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Welcome to Tux4Kids!

Tux4Kids develops high-quality software for kids, with the goal of combining fun and learning into an irresistable package. Our software is free: you can download it for use at home or onto hundreds of computers in a school. We support all major platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix. Our programs are used by people around the globe, and they have been translated into dozens of different languages. As open-source software, these programs can be freely extended or customized, and they are supported by active communities of volunteer developers.
Whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a kid, give Tux4Kids software a try!

Click HERE to download TuxMath, TuxPaint, & TuxType.

TuxType will be used in all 3 elementary schools and middle school.


Broadcasting since 1990, Peabody Award-winning Channel One News, now a division of Alloy Media + Marketing, is the top source of high quality, unbiased news and information for young people. The dynamic 12-minute news broadcast is delivered daily to nearly six million teens in approximately 8,000 middle schools and high schools across the country, providing global and national headlines from a teen perspective with a fast-paced production style, youthful reporters and contemporary music.
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